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I'm so glad you found my site! I hope you will enjoy my family tree information. I also hope You find new information about your family. I strive to document all my resources.

I hope You like the new interface!

Basically, I manage the entire family tree of my own and my wife's descendants, this contains the data and contacts of people who understand adulthood.
Furthermore, at the request of a person belonging to any branch of our kinship, I will work out the so-called straightforward family tree, if You give me permission to do so. The straightforward family tree means that above a certain level, the siblings of the ascendants and their relationships are not included in the family tree.
After June 25, 2021, I will only upload individual straight family trees here on special request! This is because, thanks to the "Connections" add-on program (MOD), it is possible to display each lineage, so anyone can easily follow their own lineage!

All data is protected, only registered users can see the data, regardless of whether the person is deceased or still alive.

Please note that this is my own website, I can change it at any time! I will try to make it available to everyone, but PLEASE, EVERYONE here will keep the information confidential, in accordance with their privacy statement during registration!